Dear Julie and Jeff, Words escape me to express our appreciation for our stay.  This corner haven is
such a beautiful place!  We loved every second. –
Kathie and Stuart

Today we celebrated my wife’s 35th birthday and our 16th wedding anniversary.  What a wonderful
view.  What an incredible room.  We enjoyed our stay very much.  Thanks for helping to make it
special. –
David and Shelly

Through a stroke of either dumb luck or divine fate we found this place last evening.  Boy, did we
score!  After a cozy evening in front of the fireplace, I had the best night’s sleep in months and awoke
feeling refreshed.  We will return to #6 at the Sands for many years to come.  Thanks for this clean,
cozy, well-stocked place to get away from the madness. –
Beth and Paul

So nice to return.  Very comfortable.  We enjoy the homey feeling, the stock of books, music, movies,
games.  This has been such a pleasure, listening to and watching the ocean.  Thank you for your
hospitality. –
Laura and her 3 children

Came to spend our 12th anniversary and were so thankful to finally be able to get Unit #6.  The view is
breathtaking and the Unit made us feel like home.  All the little things just made it feel so warm and
welcome.  Hope to be able to do it again! – Roger and Acona

Fantastic view, wonderful creature comforts, great décor.  Worth every penny.  What a lucky find. –

Thank you Jeff and Julie for a wonderful time here in Unit 6.  The outstanding view and comfortable
amenities, we couldn’t have asked for more.  It was just perfect.  Cozy, everything we needed and
more.  Beautiful sunset and a run on the beach in the morning.  We’ll tell our friends and be back
ourselves. –
Ross and Mary

We love this Unit!  Great view, loved the movie selection and fantastic amenities.  We will be back for
sure. –
Kay and daughter Liz

Julie and Jeff, We had a wonderful stay at "Lola's Hideaway" - very comfortable and the view is
spectacular!  It was a pleasure to come here and sit and enjoy the view.  It was great meeting you
both. –
Trina and Ken

Thanks for letting me stay at your place.  My favorite part of the whole trip was dancing with the
seagulls on the terrace.  I learned how to speak “seagull”.  The ocean was cold, but I could play in the
sand all day.  Slept like a baby. –
Luke, age 2-1/2

This is our second time in this lovely Unit in two months – and we vow to return soon.  The view is
spectacular and soothing.  The décor in this Unit makes you feel as though you are a special guest in
someone’s home!  Last time we enjoyed dining out.  This time we took advantage of the well-stocked
kitchen to cook and enjoy our dinners while watching the sunset.  Thank you for sharing this special
place with us. –
Paul and Sheila

My second time in this Unit in the past three weeks.  We’ve enjoyed restful days, great food and hours
enjoying the view.  It is spectacular!  Can’t think of a better way to spend a week with my dear friend. –

Just wanted to get out of town for a day.  So I came down to visit and old friend and watch the sunset.  
I’m so glad we stayed.  This is one of the nicest places I’ve been in.  Thanks for such a nice place to
stay.  Very comfortable.  I would love to bring my Mom here.  She would love it.  –

I haven't had a vacation in over a year.  This was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beach.  The
view is just beautiful.  I felt right at home here (but without all the chaos).  My mom would definitely fall
in love with this place, just like I have.  Thanks for allowing me to enjoy my vacation.  It was peaceful,
relaxing and enjoyable.  The view is magnificent.  Thanks again. –

Wow!  What a beautiful, cozy place.  And that view, words cannot do it justice.  My friend Chris and I
stayed 4 nights and we really enjoyed this room.  We just had a wonderful, relaxing time, which is how
we planned it.  I'd love to come back and bring my husband to this gorgeous place.  Thank you for
sharing your beautiful place with us. –

My girlfriend and I played hookie from work (cough cough) and decided to head to the beach.  Great
place, great view, thanks for everything. –
Jason and Andrea

This place is so wonderful!  The view is super.  It was great to be able to hear the ocean from inside
the Unit.  Thank you for a beautiful weekend. –
Erik and Stella

This place looks so nice -- I've been coming the Sands for over 25 years, first with my family and now
my husband.  We had a beautiful day, incredibly warm for February.  This Unit has changed over the
years, I have fond memories of this Unit and always enjoy the view.  Thanks for sharing your
comfortable Unit with so many.  We enjoy the artwork and selection of music and movies, too. –
and Cheri

Jeff and Julie, Thank you so much for a wonderful, relaxing weekend getaway with my sister.  It was
truly what we needed.  Your place is absolutely wonderful and the view is spectacular.  You made the
place into a home.  Thank you for sharing it with others. –

My husband and I brought his two cousins here to visit from Monterrey, Mexico and we had a good
time and enjoyed shopping in all the stores here.  I enjoyed the window in the corner watching people
on the beach walking by while I drank my coffee looking out.  Thank you for a wonderful stay.  My
husband and I plan to come back for our anniversary. –
Juan and Hortencia

Morley and I are on our honeymoon with our 2 children and we've come all the way from Canada.  
We've been making our way day by day down the coast as our honeymoon.  We've only stayed one
day at any town, but because this place is so spectacular we've decided to stay 2 nights.  It feels like
"home".  Thank you for making us feel so welcome.  Thanx a million! –
Lynda and Morley

We enjoyed #6 and our first visit to the Oregon coast.  It's a great place and the view is wonderful!  
Listening to the surf and watching the beachgoers and surfers was relaxing.  We were with family who
stayed in other rooms, which were just as nice.  Hope we can come again in the future. –

Julie and Jeff, I've stayed in this Unit from time to time since the late '80s.  Loved it then and love it
even more now.  You made some excellent changes.  One thing that never changes is the spectacular
view.  The ocean view is always a welcoming site to come back to.  Thank you for sharing your home
away from home with others.  This was a fantastic weekend, thanks to your generosity. –
M & S

We love this room, #6.  The view is wonderful and we come here about three times a year.  We love it
here. –
Herbert, Darlene, Mike, Daquandre

Howard and I have been coming here for years, to welcome the New Year.  It has become a tradition
we eagerly anticipate every year.  We love what you have done to make this place attractive and
comfortable.  My goal is to ensconce myself in the comfortable chair in the corner windows, gaze out at
the ever-changing ocean and sky, while reading without interruption (broken only by beach walks and
good food!)  Thank you for making this haven accessible. –