What a great find.  Just like home, with all the comforts.  Hate to leave, we love this place. – Jack and

Fabulous, Fantastic, Far-out.  I will return...with hubby in tow... – Michele

We are going to come back, with my grandchildren and their mom and dad.  I loved the book selection,
and the owners were very positive and obviously love their work! –

Julie and Jeff, You have a darling, cozy condo.  We celebrated our ten year anniversary here.  We
enjoyed your place and felt like we were home away from home.  The manager was very friendly and
helpful.  Everything was great – great video collection, comfortable bed, well-equipped kitchen. –
and Mike

The rest of the world seems to be miles away from here.  We all loved our stay – son loved the movie
collection and husband loved the ocean view.  I was very impressed with the attention to detail which
made the place one of a kind. –

We had a wonderful time here.  We were so lucky to find this place.  So relaxed, quiet clean room and
good view. Thank you! –
Susie and Francisco

This was a very nice and comfy place to stay.  We will definitely be back to stay here again. – Kristina

28th anniversary, stayed at this cozy, beautiful place.  Had a great stay, enjoyed a gift bottle of wine
we received from the owners, and we had our son's family over.  Enjoyed our grandchildren and we
plan to come back in August.  Thank you. –
Juan and Hortencia

Thanks for sharing your little “hideaway”.  What a cozy place to stay!  We’ll be back soon. – Paul and

Jeff and Julie, Thanks so much for sharing your getaway with us -- I'm sure we'll hide out here again.  
Cozy, cozy, cozy! –
Larry and Mary

Twas by luck we found your quaint little place.  It is so homey that we were able to really relax.  
Thanks ever so much for making this one of our best nights ever on the coast. –
Bob and Linda

We really enjoyed our stay here.  The videos, kitchen supplies, Nintendo, and stereo made us feel
very much at home.  It is very unique compared to the many other places we’ve stayed.  Thanks and
see you soon.  –
Nicole and John

Thank you!!!  This is a very nice place, very homey and comfy.  Very reasonable rates, bed was
comfy.  We will definitely be back soon! –
Delfino and Molly

Looking for a night away from the "kids", I spent a Friday evening looking for the “least expensive”
place to go with an ocean view for the night.  Reserving this room unseen, versus many of the places
in town I’ve previously visited, was the best thing ever done!  My husband and I had a much needed
and fabulous time here and plan to come back soon!  Thank you for sharing your little getaway with
us! –

Well I came back with my grandson that is 18 months old.  It was his first time to the beach.  He loved
the rocks, water and the ability to just run.  Thanks again for the use of your beautiful, relaxing place.  
Pam and Jim

Celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary in the town where we spent our first night together.  No kids,
no work, just us and still in love after 21 years.  Thanks for the nice accommodations – we had a great
time! –
Janice and Kevin

We had a wonderful time at the beach.  We have stayed at the Sands before in #1 and #6 and we
really liked this one, too!  A great value and the décor was very nice.  We went to the outlet center and
walked on the beach.  We will come back again for sure.  Thanks again, everything was just great!     
Erik and Lina

Thank you for the stay we had in your lovely condo by the beach.  What a beautiful view of the ocean!  
And I loved hearing the waves when the bathroom window was open.  We happened upon your place
while looking for a room close to the beach, and it was a good find.  This is so much better than a
hotel!  Wish we could stay longer. –
Sally and Al

This place is great.  My husband, daughter and I had a great time.  It was her first time playing on the
beach.  She had a blast.  Definitely a great place to relax, perfect size for my family.  Clean, cozy,
affordable, almost toddler proof!  What more could you ask for.  We’ll be back for sure.  Thanks for the
memory of the summer. –
David and Chelsea

Stumbled upon this place and was so pleased with everything.  Short stay but oh-so-sweet.  Thank
you, like to come back.  Your attention to detail was wonderful!  Thanks!! –

We stumbled onto this place by just driving along the beachfront and checking prices.  We were
pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price and this quaint little apartment style.  Décor in here is so
homey.  I will definitely tell other people about this place. –
Mr and Mrs W.

It was so peaceful and quiet here.  People have said how many good memories this place gives them
and I'm sure they will continue saying that.  This is the greatest place on the coast.  If you ever need
any help give me a call I would love to volunteer. –

Thank you for this beautiful room by the sea.  My wife loved the view and the sound of the waves.  We
enjoyed talking to a fisherman and watching families play on the beach.  Maybe we will come here for
a family get together and introduce our grandson to the beach.  Thank you! –
Nate and Grace

We had a blast!  #7 is a cozy room for 5!  Last year we stayed downstairs – we will continue to come
annually!  Thanks for being so nice to us all!  That made us all the more sure that we’d come again!  
See you all next year! –
Craig and Teresa

This place is perfect.  The fireplace is great.  I hope #7 is open every time I end up at the beach.  I may
never stay anywhere else again. –

We were driving around looking for small, cozy and intimate.  Boy, did we find it.  Perfect!  Decided to
stay an extra night.  Had a fire, cooked, relaxed, took in the view.  It was great.  It is so comfortable
here, like home away from home.  Not at all like an impersonal motel.  Thanks!  We will be back. –

Carol and Jim

My husband and I were so grateful to have found such a beautiful place.  We are bummed that we’re
leaving today.  We thank you very much.  We absolutely love the wood stove and ocean view! –
and Mrs J.

What a fantastic place to retreat from the fast lane of metro life.  We were both enchanted by the
orange hues in the sunset over the ocean tonight!  This condo Unit is about thee best place we’ve
found in many years!  Thank you for sharing! –
Dave and Kathy

What a cozy little place!  Makes for a great mother-daughter weekend.  We sure had a great time
shopping at those factory stores - maybe a little too great!  Thanks so much!  We'll be back in the
summer. –
Anneke and Jackie

What a beautiful place.  I really enjoyed staying here.  It’s so peaceful, I definitely will be back.  The
room is just right for a getaway at the beach.  Nice hostess and clean, clean room.  What more could
you ask for?  Thanks a bunch. –

This place is great.  The price is very reasonable.  I had such a relaxing and enjoyable time staying
here.  My friend and I decided to see the sights of Oregon and at the very last minute to head to the
coast.  We found this place at six o’clock last night.  The very last room.  Boy, did we ever feel lucky.  
We felt luckier after seeing the room.  It is already planned to come back here.  We had an awesome
time.  What a great way to end a vacation.  The weather was perfect.  The ocean was beautiful.  
Thanks. –

Back again!  3rd time – wow… As always, this place is nice, clean and homey feeling.  Thanks –
Sonya, Alan and Penny